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Р-Медиа R-Media

... quipment vendors, administrative officials and employees of specialized services. RUBEZH is a regular participant of Russian and international exhibitions, public forums and conferences. We offer our readers complete and current information: expert opinions, interviews, technical solutions reviews, events coverage, practical recommendations of specialists. The magazine is distributed throughout th ...

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... of design, construction and operations of underground infrastructure facilities: tunnels, subways, parkings, gas pipelines, oil pipelines, engineering infrastructure, etc. The publication introduces readers to advanced Russian and foreign technologies, informs them on machinery and equipment used by underground space development companies. The magazine is the main information partner of the Assoc ...

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... (Италия), оборудование для однослойного лазерного раскроя. Разработка и градация лекал на заказ. CAD-system for the apparel industry, software and peripherals, equipment. CNC-cutters and automatic spreaders by FKGROUP (Italy), one-ply laser cutters. Pattern creation and grading. Виды продукции: * Оборудование, компьютерные разработки, контрольно-измерительные приборы, комплектующие ...

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... нных предприятий, имеющих транспортную инфраструктуру, железнодорожный и автомобильный подвижной состав. Federal information and analytical magazine RSP Expert within seven years of regular acquaints readers with news of transport, engineering and construction industries, normative documents. Articles published in the magazine are the articles of experts, and also historical essays. The magazine r ...

... les published in the magazine are the articles of experts, and also historical essays. The magazine refl ects many current topics of concern to active, intellectual and socially responsible citizens. Readership of Federal magazine RSP Expert are managers of large and medium-sized industrial enterprises with transport infrastructure, railway and road rolling stock. ...

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Стратегические Приоритеты Издательство

... d military equipments, drones, space exploration, geopolitics, etc. The website provides professional analyses, expert articles and reviews, actual news, infographics and videos. Also, readers can find the complete archives of all the articles published in popular magazines: Strategic Priorities and Military-Strategic Analysis . ...

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Энигма компания

... Энигма компания HpncbOvtl, Фv, 1147; ROSUPACK 2017 (v) Энигма компания 212036, Беларусь, Могилёв, ул. Симонова, 11/1 Номера телефона +375 (222) 705222 Номер факса +375 (222) 704704 upakenigma@mail.r ...

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Харниш Публикация Доктора Харниш

... e global beverage industry. Published by Dr. Harnisch Verlag, Nuremberg Germany, the magazine includes feature articles, interviews and application reports as well as other special topics and trends. Readers are executives and decision-makers in the brewing, dairy, juice and mineral water industries, manufacturers of non-alcoholic drinks, wine growers and bottlers. ...

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Деловая Россия промышленность транспорт социальная жизнь Журнал

... ional magazine Business Russia: industry, transport, social life covers a broad range of economic issues. It is an information platform for active and successful participants of the market. Among our readers are founders and managers of Russian companies and enterprises, heads of power structures. Magazine is published with circulation of 20 000 copies distributed directly by mail and represented ...

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... сионалов и любителей. Выходит 6 раз в год, тиражом 4000 экз. Подписные индексы Агентство Роспечать 20370, Урал Пресс 20370, Вся пресса 20370, KSS Украина 27039. POWER ELECTRONICS magazine informs its readers about the latest researches and developments in the field of power electronics, main trends, tendencies and future development of power electronics domestic and world market, as well as firms ...

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... art, science, etc. Our goal is honest and open publishing, our approach to journalism is veracity and freedom of speech. As an international news agency we write about everything that matters for our readers. There are no boring topics, there are still untold stories! ...

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