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... уженных сил, в том числе стрелкового оружия, гранатометов, огнеметов. KBP - company with 85 years of experience in development of armaments for all kind of armed forces, including small arms, grenade launchers, flamethrowers. ...

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... ности для бизнеса ждет нас! We are an Innovative Designer & Professional Supplier of Euro-style cranes & kits, such as Overhead crane, end carriage, gantry crane, jib crane, KBK crane system, bridge launcher crane, bridge lifting cranes, etc. This is a time of change--In China, crane industry is upgrading to Europe Crane levels; in world, China is implementing the great project of One Belt One Ro ...

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... specializing in design and production of high-precision guided weapons (air defense missile and gun systems, anti-tank missile systems, artillery guided weapon systems, special small arms and grenade launchers). ...

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... Geo is Lamy s export-only brand which we export to 19 countries all over the world. Classical makeup line, Catalina Geo is a global brand which catches many women s eyes of the world. In 1986, it was launched in Hong Kong and Iran and now it has global business network all around the world for 30 years. Brand Lafine was established in 1975 by Dong-A Pharmaceutical Company. For 41 years, Lafine dev ...

... . For 41 years, Lafine develops high quality products for Korean women s beauty. Trend leading Lafine developed the world s 1st B. I Two Way Cake. And also made well-being care Vegetable . Sortie was launched in 2004 for specialty stores. It was differentiated with other brands in distribution and price. And with the counseling program, Sortie gives customers trust. The products are based on propo ...

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... gh quality designs created by our team of professional, young and creative designers. Nowadays MONOPOLE CERAMICA exported its products to more than 70 countries, and this number is constantly rising. Launched in the market in 2011 with an ambitious motto BE DIFFERENT, with the years that have passed by these words have fully demonstrated their value. Brands: MONOPOLE CERAMICA, MARITIMA CERAMICS. ...

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... Conditional Access Modules based on in-house ASIC design and embedding the latest CA vendors security requirements (Conax, DRE Crypt, Irdeto, Verimatrix, Viaccess-Orca). NEOTION have developed and launched an innovative gateway solution with home automation capability and a wide range of home automation devices under its new Neohome brand. This solution will enable operators and broadcasters to ...

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... st building, NO.148, Yuejin Road, 528000 Tel.: +86 (757) 82725931; +86 (757) 66607402 H.Q is the fine ceramics brand targeted to commercial spaces launched by Huanqiu Ceramics. With unique design ideas, exquisite styles, fashion and high-end applications, it will be built as a national expert brand of antiskid wear resistant full body ceramics. ...

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Audinnov компания

... forms (insulated and non-insulated) for professional use. Our products are designed for use by electricity companies, railway companies, telecommunication networks, and fire brigades. AUDINNOV has launched new models of low voltage composite ladders and AEROSTEP: the first line of ladders with integrated working platform compliant with European regulation for work at height. Visit us on www ...

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ADShi Electronic Equipment

... ker of ADShi, which have been in producing permanent makeup device for international OEM market more than 15years, We have accumulated a wealth of product development, production experience. BIOMASER launched a series of products which have amazing and accurate results in aesthetic improvement and repair, we are creating the best of what permanent make up has to offer today; Продукты компании * ...

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... LTD. Anji best furniture Co., ltd founded in 2009 and with years of experience and focus on this area, have became the leading manufacturer for the massage tables, in year 2014 we have successfully launched the brand bstchoice, and we have expended more busin Block 2, Sunlight Industrial Zone, Dipu Town, Anji County, Zhejiang Province, China anji ...

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