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54.55% accord

... hane, in the finishing ekoshpon, plastic door CPL for builders, for hospitals hotels with the electronic lock and office space, door molding, door sliding, roto-doors, collapsible, compartment doors, accordion doors, hinged, two-seat trainer, two-field doors to the porch, and a quarter, the Finnish doors, flat straight butt, fire doors, metal and wood by 30, 60 and 90 minutes, and if you need with ...

54.55% accord

... r control and analysis of orders in 24/7 mode with the help of personal suite on web-site, and to get precise analytics on printing costs. Our cartridge remanufacturing technology is in accordance with Global quality standards. Cartridge remanufacturing is performed by highly qualified engineers with a use of advanced equipment and high quality materials supplied by the Global le ...

54.55% accord

... мую оценку рисков; разработку деклараций; обследование зданий, сооружений; сертификацию продукции; разработку специального программного обеспечения; издание научной литературы; обучение специалистов. According to the Directive of the Government of Russian Federation from 9 December 1992 N 968 FC VNII GOChS is the main scientific organization on the decision of problems in the area of civil defense ...

54.55% accord
Военная академия Ракетных войск стратегического назначения имени Петра Великого

... ледовательский центр в области военной науки и техники. In 1997 the official name of the Academy was changed. Now it is called the Military academy of Strategic Rocket Troops after Peter the Great in accordance with the Presidential edict to revive Russian Army historical traditions and to celebrate the role of Peter the Grate in building the regular armed forces. The Academy is famous for its his ...

54.55% accord

... tion centers and more than 45 regional offices in Russia and CIS states. We are shipping to 611 Russian, Kazakhstan and Belorussian cities and towns from the nearest distribution center warehouse according to from door to door scheme. To optimally satisfy customers requirements we established direct partnerships with leading OEM and independent consumables, components and parts manufacturer ...

54.55% accord

... t construction objects of Moscow and the Moscow region. The distinctive feature of the company is manufacture of any amount of doors in the shortest possible time, in the individual sizes, colors and according to the customers sketches. Brands: Bronotex Door. ...

54.55% accord

... я. ТОРГОВЫЕ МАРКИ ARSHALUIS Руководитель: Роберт Закарян ARSHALUIS OJSC ARSHALUIS OJSC is specialized in manufacturing of hosiery since 1926. The company has an ability to produce any kind of hosiery according to the provided samples. Urgency and quality of work is guaranteed by experts and company management. Robert Zakaryan, General Manager Виды продукции: * Чулочно-носочные изделия * Детский ...

54.55% accord

... F series hard tooth flank gear reducer , SLH/SLB series high power speed reducer, SLP series planetary speed reducer and so on. Moreover, we are in a position to offer our clients tailor-made service according to special specifications Китай, Китайская Народная Республика, Zhejiang, KUN AO AVENUE PINGYANG ECONOMICAL DEVELOPING ZONE KUN AO AVENUE PINGYANG ECONOMICAL DEVELOPING ZONE, Zhejiang, Chi ...

54.55% accord
Xinhui Xinsheng Daily FTY

... s steel. These raw materials make our products range much more varied, such as daily necessities, stationery, kitchen bathroom and gardening ware. Our factory is good at developing different products according to clients. We have a good selling to all over the world--- Europe, Japan, USA, Hongkong and so on.. Продукты * storage rack, drying rack, kitchen NO.19,Xinhui ...

54.55% accord

... hanical seals manufacturer in China which has been in this field over 10 years,our main items are Agitator seals,Cartridge seals,Metal bellow seals,component seals,we can also design mechanical seals according to different working site. Spareparts for mechanical seals are also available. Asinoseal aims to provide one-stop service for our customer to help you stop leaking !Welcome to contact us for ...

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