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... e metal / plastic / nylon common zippers and invisible zippers with open ends or closed ends and various types of sliders. The quality is stable and reliable. we can also produce all kinds of zippers according to customers` requirements. We always try our best to provide perfect products to all customers. * Фурнитура, отделочные материалы, вышивка, кружево ...

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... hanical seals manufacturer in China which has been in this field over 10 years,our main items are Agitator seals,Cartridge seals,Metal bellow seals,component seals,we can also design mechanical seals according to different working site. Spareparts for mechanical seals are also available. Asinoseal aims to provide one-stop service for our customer to help you stop leaking !Welcome to contact us for ...

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... products have been spreding all over the domestic big cities and exporting to South East Asia. We are sure have good service and high quanlity to our home and abroad sellers. We serve you at any time according to you requirements ...

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... around the world. ALD services are requested by leading developers of aviation equipment, supporting the type certification, development of MMEL, and issuing of Technical Documentation/ Publications according to S1000D requirements. ALD Software and Services can improve competitiveness, safety and the reputation of new and existing Aircraft. ALD contributes to ensure Aircraft Continued Operationa ...

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... мую оценку рисков; разработку деклараций; обследование зданий, сооружений; сертификацию продукции; разработку специального программного обеспечения; издание научной литературы; обучение специалистов. According to the Directive of the Government of Russian Federation from 9 December 1992 N 968 FC VNII GOChS is the main scientific organization on the decision of problems in the area of civil defense ...

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... 2) 5772363; +90 (212) 5772363 In 2012 YMCUP start to manufacture carton cups and food containers machines, and since it`s establishment and with expert labor and accordance with international standards it took upon itself commitment In a modern, effective and provide high quality service and upscale customers at the right time and the right place and at the ri ...

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Xiamen NAT Plumbing Inc.

... 38320 NAT, a professional supplier of toilet tank flush mechanism, toilet seat cover and other sanitary fittings in Xiamen China. We design, develop and manufacture our products according to international code of JC987, UPC, cUPC, CE, Wras, NF, Water Mark certifications, to assure our product quality and performance. We achieved Wras, CE, UPC, cUPC certifications. With these ...

... t and control production quality processes rigorously, in order to assure our customers and end-users could got best quality finished product. We are continually innovating and improving our products according to our customers` and market requirements, so we could assure to supply more in-demand products to the world. Бренды XIAMEN NAT ...

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Russian Aviation & Military Guide

... tion of Russia with foreign countries, the experience of mutual investments and joint projects, new products of high export potential. Distributed by subscription, at major international exhibitions, according to official and public structures of international cooperation of different countries. Circulation - 10 thousand copies ...

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Rohren und Pumpenwerk Bauer

... ностей компании. Наша миссия является нашей главной целью: Удовлетворенность клиентов во всем мире! Bauer is a traditional, European company carrying out business worldwide. We design and manufacture according to strict European standards, thus ensuring the highest quality down to the smallest detail. Our aim is leadership in quality in the areas of irrigation, separation and slurry technology as ...

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... ts and joint replacement (hip and knee) prostheses. The quality of the products is guaranteed not only by the material and physical parameters but the design, manufacturing and quality management according to harmonized European Union legal regulations (ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485:2003, ISO 14001:2005). 66% of our income comes from export, our company is present in 35 countries in the America ...

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