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Xiamen Interactive Technology

... southeast China, Xiamen city. As a national high -tech enterprise, it has been specialized in developing, producing and selling interactive devices since 2005.Equipped with flexible, professional and innovative team members, we are capable to provide you with cutting -edge interactive devices as well as customixed solutions. To date, INTECH gathers plenty of R&D top talents from this industry. Foc ...

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Xiamen NAT Plumbing Inc.

... ng materials. We do test to our product and control production quality processes rigorously, in order to assure our customers and end-users could got best quality finished product. We are continually innovating and improving our products according to our customers` and market requirements, so we could assure to supply more in-demand products to the world. Бренды XIAMEN NAT ...

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Wuhan Youji Industries

... eservation, pharmacy, dyeing, tanning, national defense, rubber, oil exploitation, etc. The company constantly boosts development and progress of health, nutrition and material sectors with technical innovation, and provides high-quality solutions for customers, thus guaranteeing product performance. ...

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Wenzhou Leheng Technology

... g Technology FHpnOtfxyzql, 6, 776 +86 (0577) 61351218; ЭКСПОЭЛЕКТРОНИКА ЭЛЕКТРОНТЕХЭКСПО 2017 (6) Wenzhou Leheng Technology CO.,LTD 325600, Китай, Yueqing, Zhejiang, Science and Technology Innovation Park, Hongqiao, Yueqing, Zhejiang, China Номера телефона +86 (0577) 61351208 Номер факса +86 (0577) 61351218 Бренды Wenzhou Leheng Technology ...

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Vaultize Technologies

... rotection, Limitless Access Компания Vaultize Technologies - индийский разработчик программного обеспечения в области корпоративной информационной безопасности, входит в группу компаний Tata Capital Innovations Fund. В России и СНГ решения Vaultize представлены локализатором и эксклюзивным дистрибьютором - компанией MitraSoft Distribution. 101-A Nano Space IT Park Baner Pashan Link Road Baner, ...

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Wei Her Pte Ltd

... in manufacturing hair grower tonics and skin care products. We provide full OEM and private labeling services. f Our factory is GMP certified and we manufacture products that are safe, effective and innovative, products that respect the health of skin and hair whilst delivering visible results. EP Treatment - Safe and Effective Hair Grower System Shi Cheng Medicated Oils - Traditional Chinese Me ...

100% innova

... number of subsidiary companies employed under Youshang, further establish Youshang`s position. Product Range: Youshang products range from the most basic educational apparatus to the latest and most innovative scientific equipment. For the fields of medical experiments, preschool education, children`s intellectual development provided products, the scope of the teaching experiment, teaching equip ...

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Yuhuan Chuanye Valve

... ve appearance , excellent quality, exported to European and American markets, well trusted by customers abroad. The company always sticks to Pursuing Survival with Quality, Promoting development with innovation and stands by the belief of play roles to ensure every product s quality. Zhongshan Industrial Zone, Chumen Town, Yuhuan Taizhou Zhejiang 317600 Китай Тел.: 0086-576-87440433 Факс: 0086- ...

100% innova

... и инновациям от обычных водонагревателей. Продукты компании * Zhongshan Weiya Electrical Appliance. Yalice specializes in electric water heaters with an experienced R&D team to keep on improving & innovating, and every manufacturing process is strict... No.3 South Shengye Road Huangpu Zhongshan Guangdong Province 528429 Китай Тел.: 0086-760-23972667 Факс: 0086-760-23976021 http://www.weiya. ...

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Zhuhai Gecen Electronic

... Zhuhai Gecen Electronic FHpncwimOakotvfxyzql, 4, 216; CSTB 2017 (4) Zhuhai Gecen Electronic CO. LTD NO. 2 KEJI 3RD ROAD, TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION COAST, HI-TECH ZONE, ZHUHAI, GUANGDONG, CHINA ТЕЛЕФОН: +86 756 3631088 Zhuhai Gecen Electronic Co.,LTD, a listed company in Zhuhai, China, is special ...

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