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... sands of wholesale points of sales including franchise partners, sales space in department stores, who share the company`s quality standard and brand essence. The Plan aims to re-establish ONER as an inspiring fashion brand with a clear identity and sustainable profitability. Investment in store includes revamping its own retail as well as wholesale selling space. This creates a unique shopping ex ...

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Samsung Electronics

... ый перенос данных со старого телефона на новый) и Smart Tutor (онлайн сервис удаленной настройки). Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. brings to live advanced ideas and implements innovative technologies, inspiring people and shaping the future of the consumer market in the world of TVs, smart-phones, wearable devices, tablets, cameras, digital appliances, printers, medical equipment, network systems, ...

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... e specialize in bringing all forms of makeup and skincare products to the global market, with international clients located in China, Philippines, Thailand, Pakistan, Europe and USA Новинки компании Inspired by the increasing air pollution problems around the world, CELLNCO first developed an innovative Ampoule Serum range that uses natural ingredients to help protect skin from harmful toxins & p ...

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... Palama-lapa FOol, Ю, 1324; InterCHARM осень 2017 (Ю) Palama-lapa Co ,Ltd Erb is one of the leading luxury lifestyle skincare and home fragrance brands in Thailand, inspired by Siamese Royal Court herbal remedies and rituals Our beneficial herbal remedies and cultures are renowned for giving a blissful sensory experience and rejuvenate both body and mind Erb prod ...

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Tammy Tanuka Sigil Inspired

... Tammy Tanuka Sigil Inspired FOol, Ю, 1324 Tanuka; InterCHARM осень 2017 (Ю) Tammy Tanuka Sigil Inspired ...

... Tammy Tanuka Sigil Inspired FOol, Ю, 1324 Tanuka; InterCHARM осень 2017 (Ю) Tammy Tanuka Sigil Inspired ...

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Udo Walz GmbH

...; InterCHARM осень 2017 (Ю) Udo Walz GmbH Hairfood Production Company from Berlin / Germany Новинки компании Udo Walz Berlin producing Haircare Products Hairfood Beautyline with natural inspired Ingrediance Vegan & Crueltyfree Сектор рынка Парикмахерское искусство Оборудование для парикмахерских Средства по уходу за волосами Сектор рынка Сотрудничество Kurfurstendamm 200 Berli ...

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Amend Europe

... on and identification with the women, strengthening its presence in their lives, as an expert of taking care of their hair, delivering much more than solid benefits and technology It offers Women the inspiration they need to feel more beautiful every day! Новинки компании Hair products, hair color, hair treatments, keratin, straightners, serum, pomade, hair spray Сотрудничество Rua Julio Dinis, ...

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Хитачи Пауэр Тулз Рус

... Хитачи Пауэр Тулз Рус HpcOatfxyzql, Р, 587; MITEX 2017 (Р) Хитачи Пауэр Тулз Рус ООО Inspire the Next Компания является лидером в разработке и производстве электроинструмента. На этой выставке будет представлена уникальная линейка бесщеточного сетевого инструмента, не имеющего аналог ...

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Uroda Polska Sp z o o

... skin The secret of Melisa line is a proven recipe and an extract of lemon balm, whose therapeutic effects have long been acknowledged by cosmetologists and dermatologists VIA VATAGE - is a modern and inspirational brand of fragrances for men and women This is an interpretation of modern luxury rooted in the fasionable, urban atmosphere of a big city It combines the dalicacy and romantic elation th ...

... VERSO Branded fragrances are among the most recognizable brands in its segment Fabio Verso portfoilo is constantly updated with new products, introduced on VIA VATAGE VIA VATAGE - is a modern and inspirational brand of fragrances for men and women This is an interpretation of modern luxury rooted in the fasionable BLOOM Home Fragrances Build scent aura of your home with the new scents for in ...

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L`Arc Parfums

... L`Arc Parfums FOol, Ю, 1324; InterCHARM осень 2017 (Ю) L`Arc Parfums Inspired by Maitre de Claude`s commitment to pursue his passion for unique scents, L`Arc parfums distinguishes itself by being the first house of perfumes dedicated to the seekers of grace and artistr ...

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