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... Cameroon, Gabon and Centre African republic and to Europe market such as Italy and Cyprus. Ours products are distributed by Le Magasin general( Auchan ) , Carrefour and Monoprix which represent the large part of household electrical distribution in Tunisia. Компания Sotuprin была основана в 1990 году и специализируется на производстве бытовой техники под маркой HGE. SOTUPRIN стартовала на тунис ...

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Streamax Technology

... g on the intelligence of 300 dedicated engineers, the company has become a leader in technology innovation - along our recent history, Streamax has received over 100 exclusive patents, as well as a large number of awards. Our solutions have been deployed worldwide, with over 800,000 installations applied to public transportation and taxi services, law enforcement vehicles, school buses, privat ...

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Smith & Nephew

... Smith & Nephew Oofql, 7, 100; ЕВРАЗИЙСКИЙ ОРТОПЕДИЧЕСКИЙ ФОРУМ 2017 (7) Smith & Nephew Смит энд Нефью Smith & Nephew is the worlds largest producer of orthopaedic reconstruction trauma& extremities, sports medicine and advanced wound care products. Smith & Nephew is a global medical devices company with a presence in more than ...

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... 88057573 Факс: (86575) 88057683 Shaoxing Qingtai Textile Co., Ltd. Is an export and import enterprise located in the east of the largest light textile market in Asia -- China Textile City with industry meters. Our main products are taffeta, jacquard, dobby, satin, pongee, micro fiber and chiffon etc, mainly exported to east Eur ...

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... он: 86-15958519539 Our company, NANO Embroidery CO., LTD. is located in the Chain Textile capital, Shaoxing city city, Zhejiang province, China. It covers land area of 3000 sqm,, which is one of the large scale Embroidery curtains enterprises in Shaoxing city. The company has more than 60 imported embroidery machine, 3 imported Italy laser line, clients both from domestic and overseas(Dubai, Turk ...

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... из последних новшеств в России - хирургические столы, свет для операционных залов, система для проведения перкутанной вертебропластики при поражениях тел позвонков. Stryker is one of the worlds largest manufacturers of medical equipment, implants and instruments for fixing the spine, navigation systems, endoscopic equipment, metal fixers for osteosynthesis, joint replacement and surgical ...

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... AYCOACH OFF W.E.HIG HWAY GOREGAON(E) MUMBAI Телефон: 91-22-42198800, 91-9987547608 Sutlej Textiles and Industries Ltd (STIL), Company is one of the largest integrated textile manufacturing companies and is having strong position in the Indian Textile sector in the manufacturing of value added synthetic, Natural and Blended yarns, all types of spu ...

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Weatherbys Scientific

... ite as the Irish Equine Centre in Johnstown, County Kildare, Ireland. Since then we have progressed to SNP DNA genotyping on the latest Illumina technology and are the service provider for one of the largest projects in the world, genotyping over 1 million cattle for the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (ICBF). We pride ourselves on providing high quality results with a great and fast service. Wea ...

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Trauson Medical Instrument

... rauson Medical Instrument FHpcOofql, 7, 100; ЕВРАЗИЙСКИЙ ОРТОПЕДИЧЕСКИЙ ФОРУМ 2017 (7) Trauson Medical Instrument Траусон Trauson, established in year 1986, is one the largest manufacturers of products for orthopedics and traumatology in China. In April of year 2013, Trauson joined Stryker Company. Equipment: 350 processing equipment, and cleaning workshop of 100 ...

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... d in 1996, is the world s leading conference system provider, the member of ICCA (International Congress & Convention Association). It provided excellent conference system solutions and service for a large number of prestigious projects including United Nations Headquarters, Council of Europe (Strasbourg),IMF-World Bank Annual Meetings (Washington), ITU etc. ...

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