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... ot only in domestic market in Korea but also in global market over 30 different countries shenb Co , Ltd has thrived to achive technology excellency in developing devices by considering various user experiences and indications throughout continuous world class clinical studies with KOL doctors globally Новинки компании SHEMAX: Skin remodeling system powered by pneumatic energy that provides immed ...

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Shaoxing Jinte Packaging

... r, spraying color, UV-coating and printing In order to help your packaging to stand out among competitors, we also provide customized packaging designs with your specifical color and unique logo Our experienced engineers and workers will always find a solution to meet your requirements Сектор рынка Производственные комплектующие и услуги Упаковка Продукция компании aluminum jar aluminum jar: ...

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... CO., LTD SHANGHAI NO.55/169 CHANGFA RD. SHANGHAI +86 021 66875810 +86 021 66875813 WWW.QFTOOLS.COM MARKET@QFTOOLS.COM Производитель бит, сверл для стекла и карбидные сверла. A manufacturer is experienced in the production of router bits, glass drills and carbide burrs. ...

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... DVB-T2/S2, ISDB-T, ATSC,DMBT etc. With over 600 employees and 8,000 square meters factory base, we have daily production capacity of more than 15.000 finished products. The team has over 10 years experiences as a designer and manufacturer for top brand customers. We focused on digital TV since 2004 and IPTV/OTT industry from 2010. It helps us to make top level & good quality products to win cus ...

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Shenzhen Justek Technology Co. Ltd

... 017 (4) Shenzhen Justek Technology Co. Ltd ТЕЛЕФОН: +86 755 23128058 Shenzhen Justek Technology Co., Ltd, a professional DVB application system integrator who has experience of DVB system integration, DVB application integration & development as well as STB manufacture . 13+ years ` dedication ; 15+ CAS integration 20+ countries` understanding ; 50+MSO`s satisfa ...

... tuner and 2UDP (1000M/1000M RJ45). It supports multiscreen, IPTV/ OTT& DRM& chipset pairing CAS. The box has 2G byte DDR, and 4G byte EMMC, internal HDD also can be installed. solid CAS integration experience with Safeview/ CTI/ Sumuvision/ Crytoguard/ ABV/ Topreal/ Dexin And We moved world`s first chipset adcance security STB on Android4.2 platform. World`s first HD DVB-T2 dual tuner +HDD+CAS Wo ...

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Shenzhen Pante Electronics Technology Co. Ltd

... built our own brand PANTESAT and opened more than 5 image stores there. Our factory is located in Bao`an district of Shenzhen city, China, which covers more than 10000 square meters. We have a well-experienced R&D team, and advanced SMT lines, automatic production lines and strict quality control system. And our production ability is more than100K per month, and we will be honor to be your OEM/OD ...

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... Europe. In order to fulfill our customers` demands, we open a new manufacture branch in Huizhou, with the capacity of 1400 workers and 5 million high-quality productions of receivers. With the most experienced and talented engineers and warm-hearten sales team with a strong determination to provide the best products. Ourstone is and always be your trustworthy partner when it comes to your busines ...

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... PARK, NANSHAN DISTRICT, SHENZHEN , P.R .CHINA ТЕЛЕФОН: +86-755-21679300 Shenzhen NewGlee Technology Co., Ltd, is an energetic company, with more than ten years experience on DVB, IPTV and GPS industry and a powerful R&D team. As a new Hi-tech enterprise in China, we specialize in R&D and marketing of Multimedia system and products. Our products range from pro ...

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... kinds of garments and other textile products which are welcome and reputed in all over the world. The original design sublimation and digital printing items are mostly welcome by our customers. Our experienced staff teams provide excellent service for various kinds of customers and demands. * Женская одежда * Трикотаж верхний ...

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Shandong Sishui Taifeng Flour Machinery

... Taifeng Flour Machinery Co.,Ltd. Shandong Sishui Taifeng Flour Machinery Co.,Ltd. is the focus and professional manufacturer of flour milling machines in China with over forty years experience. Main products are SIYUAN brand complete set of wheat flour milling machines and maize deep processing equipment as well as their varies matched single machines. Advanced technology and dete ...

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