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Jinyun Baolite Machinery Manufacturing

... Huzhen Town, Jinyun Номера телефона +86 (578) 3556310; +86 (578) 3559819 Baolite Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd was established in 2006. We have been well experienced in machinery processing industry for more than 20 years. Our main products including bandsaw machine, bandsaw blade, hacksaw blade, etc. Our company is located in Lishui City, Zhejiang Prov ...

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... 58817762 Newton Fluid Technology Co.,Ltd. is a professional bellow sealed valves company located in China, which has nearly 22 years of valve manufacturing experience. Newton is committed to design, development, manufacturing and sales of high-grade valve, and occupies more than 8000 square meters. It has about 160 staffs, 22 senior professional titles em ...

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Heliswiss Iberica S.A.

... компании Heliswiss Iberica S.A. в России и странах СНГ является компания ООО Хелиатика . Heliswiss Iberica S.A. is the Spanish service center founded in 1983 in Barcelona. Heliswiss Iberica has big experience working with passenger transport and is extremely skillful in repair and reconstruction works for light and medium western produced helicopters. Its headquarters is in the Sabadell s Airport ...

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... l, э, 377; ВЭЙСТТЭК 2017 (э) HEFEI MINGPIN METALS Co.,Ltd. We are one of the manufacturer & exporter in China for various valves and pipe fittings. More than 15 years experience on products will help your Marketing. We can supply our products according to all standards and the Products is popular at market abroad because of their fine quality, Competitive prices and ...

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...; Электрические сети России (q) HENGYANG HUAYI MACHINERY cO., ltd Hengyang Huayi machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the high and new tech enterprises in Hunan procince. With many years of experience for manufacturing rubber molding machine, we focus on researching and developing rubber machine for various industrial applications. A team of product research and development ensures us to ...

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Horisun Metals Manufacturing Company Limited

...; AQUATHERM MOSCOW 2018 (S) Horisun Metals Manufacturing Company Limited Horisun Metals is a leading company producing components for water heaters and boilers with more than 30 years experience. We mainly produce products like modulating valves and hydraulic blocks. We have 600 workers and more than 100 staffs in R&D and technical support. Our products supplying to the major brands ...

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... HU KIET FOol, n, 490; МОСШУЗ Март 2017 (n) HU KIET HU KIET TRADING AND PRODUCING CO.,LTD is a professional footwear with many years` experience, located in Ben Luc District Long An province Vietnam, total six ( 6 ) production line in our company. Hu Kiet is specializing in various kinds of footwear, including vulcanized canvas shoe ...

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Hansen Protection A.S.

... Pilot & Passenger suit & lifejacket manufacturer. We provide all necessary equipment for fulfillment of services related to pilot, crew and passengers transfer over hostile waters. Building on this experience, Hansen Protection has developed a full range of helicopter equipment for the users with the highest expectations. Comfort & safety goes hand in hand, when ease of movements in normal work s ...

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... lectronics Co , are family company Our main item is hair dryer Especially, nowadays we manufactured BLDC motor hair dryer Hair dryer and BLDC motor also, manufactured in our company We have a lot of experience export over 20 country BLDC HAIR DRYER Eco Friendly - BLDC motor does not include Carbon Brush Ergonomic Design - The optimum center of gravity reduce hair designer`s burden of wrist High Te ...

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... ols such as electric mixer from 1010W-1900W, polisher machines, sander etc. Quality is always Kinty`s top priority. all the products passed the CE / GS / TUV / EMC certifications. With a 17 years experience in this field, we will never stop offering the best products and after-sales service. So don`t hesitate to contact with us for more information. ...

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