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Sol Vip Travel

... телефона +34 (934) 674848; +34 (689) 681987 Номер факса +34 (932) 723426 Sol-V.I.P Travel is an international tour operator in Barcelona with more than 23 years of a great experience in VIP, MICE and FIT sector. It is one of the leading DMC in Spain offers a wide range of services like transfers in luxury cars, conferences at private villas, gala dinners at exclusive ven ...

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... о, гибкого и быстрого изготовления жилых домов и промышленных зданий. Competent conception, design and implementation of production plants for the precast concrete element industry. Basing on great experience of our employees we offer our clients a complete solution. It starts with the consulting and goes up to the commissioning of production plants, especially for ceiling and wall production. Г ...

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... distance get education, ensure people in mountain area watch TV, assist the enterprises to realize e-commerce and etc. The complicated life becomes simple by satellite communication. After 40 years experience in satellite application, Space Star has become the innovator and guidance of the industry. We are committed to providing customers with the best solution of satellite application. ...

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... netary, turbine (pan) and continuous mixers. Sicoma supplies most of plant manufactures worldwide with unique technical solutions. Nearly 28.000 mixers were supplied along its history, giving a huge experience and feedback for a fast and effective development of its equipment. Италия, 06135, Ponte Valleceppi (PG), Via Brenta 3 Via Brenta 3, Ponte Valleceppi (PG), Italy, 06135 +39 (075) 5928120 ...

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... high-tech corporation, in Shenzhen Guangzhou China. We focus on R&D of Digital Video broadcast(DVB),Satellite system device and satellite accessories. All our team members are with many years of experience in software development and hardware design. Our main products include DVB-S/S2.DVB-C,DVB-T/T2,IPTV, IP BOX and LNBF. ...

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Shenzhen Pante Electronics Technology Co. Ltd

... built our own brand PANTESAT and opened more than 5 image stores there. Our factory is located in Bao`an district of Shenzhen city, China, which covers more than 10000 square meters. We have a well-experienced R&D team, and advanced SMT lines, automatic production lines and strict quality control system. And our production ability is more than100K per month, and we will be honor to be your OEM/OD ...

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... profound and powerful ability of innovation, Reako is now ready to provide more service of custom and assembly for all the customers at home and abroad. Reako has gathered the most professional and experienced R&D team of software development and hardware design. The factory covers 12,000 square meters, equipped with advanced RoHS production lines, 4 wave-soldering machines, 6 High speed SMT, 3 A ...

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... ssional production lines, we have new High-speed SMT and Auto-Insertion machines. SOOKESAT s office located in Nanshan district of Shenzhen, it has a strong R&D team with over 18 engineers years of experience in software developing and hardware designing for STB products. Your success and satisfaction is our objective forever! You are welcome to visit our factory and office. ...

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SPTS Technologies Ltd.

... 4-141 SPP Process Technology Systems (SPTS) is a leading manufacturer of plasma etch and deposition and thermal processing equipment for the semiconductor industry. Over 25 years experience in advanced process technologies such as: ICP, DRIE, PECVD, PVD, MOCVD, APCVD, LPCVD, vertical furnace and HF vapor release etch. SPTS supplies processing equipment to the world`s leadi ...

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Surplus GLOBAL Inc.

... ongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do, 381, Gagok-ri, Jinwi-myeon As one of the biggest buyers of manufacturing lines in Electronics Industry, we have plenty of experiences in purchasing multi million dollars equipment in bulk from international enterprises and holds highest level of purchasing power and proven records in Asia. Purchasing entire productio ...

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