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Экран НИИ

... c industry that has been working over 60 years for the aviation industry. It has developed and manufactured at the production plants hundreds of various types of electronic equipment, which have been installed and operated (and some are in service to the present day) on the air-crafts of various types. Now one of the most famous development for the commercial purpose is the self-protection system ...

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MueTec GmbH

... AOI (Automated Optical Inspection). Flexible combination of CD and Overlay metrology with film thickness measurement and defect inspection and review in one tool. In more than 25 years, MueTec has installed more than 300 systems around the world that provide proof of highest performance and quality standards. ...

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НПО Наука

... for aircrafts, helicopters and manned space vehicles. NPO Nauka is engaged in development, testing, production and MRO of ECS and their constituent units. Systems and parts produced by NPO Nauka are installed on all Russian manned aircrafts and spacecrafts. Research, Development and production company NPO Nauka is a Design leader of Environmental Control, life support, automatic pressure control ...

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АБ Систем

... B System has contrived and developed a solution for automation of business-processes of technical maintenance and repair of helicopters of any kinds and manufactures - Heli-STAR . The solution can be installed at Client s servers in-house as well as be accessible remotely through modern cloud technologies. ...

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... RL Partitalia provides reliable and complete RFID hardware solutions for the traceability of wastes. From tags and labels for bins and bags to wearable or fixed readers to be worn by the operator or installed on the collection truck, all these devices are connected to a cloud database that shows in real time the relevant details (date, place, time) via Varese 26/28 Lainate (MI) Италия Тел.: +39 ...

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Shenzhen Justek Technology Co. Ltd

... C/4K*2K/H.265, owns (5 QAM+2T2/S2) tuner and 2UDP (1000M/1000M RJ45). It supports multiscreen, IPTV/ OTT& DRM& chipset pairing CAS. The box has 2G byte DDR, and 4G byte EMMC, internal HDD also can be installed. solid CAS integration experience with Safeview/ CTI/ Sumuvision/ Crytoguard/ ABV/ Topreal/ Dexin And We moved world`s first chipset adcance security STB on Android4.2 platform. World`s firs ...

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... 22096 Оборудование для маркирования, датирования ENOS produces labelling machines with glue and adhesive system for small and medium wine and beer makers: 20.000 machines, installed in the wine cellars all over the world, tell our story, because our company is always careful to the signals of the market, present when the Customers face difficulties, efficient in its int ...

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... cursors delivery systems that brings liquids to the process in the form of vapor - typical examples are TMA DCS, TCS, TEOS etc. SVCS also offers turnkey hook-up services including orbital welding and installation materials - valves, fittings, tubing, pressure regulators, filters etc. from world leading manufacturers. ...

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Miroslav Chudej s.r.o.

... зажимы для труб, крепежные и напольные кронштейны. У нас есть сертификаты и допуски ЕС. Продукты компании * Linear floor drains Linear floor drains are accessories for bathrooms. Advantage is easy installation, maintenance and use of barrier-free areas. They are made of PP Hutisko Solanec 310 Hutisko Solanec Hutisko Solanec 756 62 Чешская республика Тел.: +420723126125 Факс: +420571757733 h ...

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... екоторые из наших продуктов одобрены FM, UL и Vd S сертификатами. Продукты компании * Jiangmen Eurofix Metal & Rubber... Jiangmen Eurofix is the leading manufacturer of supplying the parts of pipe installation system in China. We can provide our customers with high quali... No. 1 Tangbian Industrial Zone Chaolian Pengjiang Jiangmen City Guangdong Province, China Jiangmen Guangdong Province 529 ...

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