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81.25% window,install

... lt, travertine, tuff, slate, sandstone) ex stock and by order from Russia, CIS countries, Turkey, Finland, Italy, Spain, China, India, Brazil, Egypt: - plates, slabs - steps, sinks, counter-tops, window sills - balusters, columns, fountains, fireplaces, sculptures - paving stone, border, parapet plates - monuments - stone processing equipment. All types of facing and installation works. H ...

... sinks, counter-tops, window sills - balusters, columns, fountains, fireplaces, sculptures - paving stone, border, parapet plates - monuments - stone processing equipment. All types of facing and installation works. High quality, low prices!!! ...

81.25% window,install

... ы выполняют: замеры, шаблоны, доставку, установку, облицовку стен, полировку, кристаллизацию, отливку лестниц. GrandStyl is a production company manufacturing natural stone goods of any complexity: window sills, countertops, fire places, floor panel paintings, borders, bar stands, columns, balusters, hand rails, logotypes, emblems, decorative elements, hammer-work. We deliver natural stone fro ...

... deliver natural stone from Spain, Italy, India, China and Brazil. More than 10 000 m2 of material is in stock at our warehouse. Our specialists carry out measurements, Template patterns, delivery, installation, wall facing, polishing, solidification, casting of stairs. ...

81.25% window,install

... company; Professional technician supervisors and training staff; Delivery and assembly of furniture in one day; Transparency of price policy; Our unique service on the market: EPO system (Single Window Reclamation) - an important role in reducing the customer`s costs of after-sales service and reducing timing closure claims; City Service - is more than just a furniture assembly, although tha ...

... y Service helps your furniture to take the right place not only in homes but also in the hearts of your customers, leaving the best impressions from all service processes: starting from measuring and installation, finishing with resolving any possible claim issues. ...

50% installe
Shenzhen Justek Technology Co. Ltd

... C/4K*2K/H.265, owns (5 QAM+2T2/S2) tuner and 2UDP (1000M/1000M RJ45). It supports multiscreen, IPTV/ OTT& DRM& chipset pairing CAS. The box has 2G byte DDR, and 4G byte EMMC, internal HDD also can be installed. solid CAS integration experience with Safeview/ CTI/ Sumuvision/ Crytoguard/ ABV/ Topreal/ Dexin And We moved world`s first chipset adcance security STB on Android4.2 platform. World`s firs ...

50% installe

... 22096 Оборудование для маркирования, датирования ENOS produces labelling machines with glue and adhesive system for small and medium wine and beer makers: 20.000 machines, installed in the wine cellars all over the world, tell our story, because our company is always careful to the signals of the market, present when the Customers face difficulties, efficient in its int ...

43.75% install

... АРТИНСТАЛЛ HsncimOkoz, ЩА, 884; ДЕРЕВЯННЫЙ ДОМ ВЕСНА 2017 (А) АРТИНСТАЛЛ Россия. Москва Компания основана в 2003 году. На сегодняшний день у нее три филиала: в Москве, Новосибирске и Санкт-Петербурге. Основное напра ...

... оздание частных кинозалов: от проектирования и строительства до комплектации и настройки оборудования. В команде трудятся инженеры, программисты, дизайнеры, визуализаторы, маркетологи. ...

43.75% install

... ния IKUSI. Продажа и монтаж систем дистанционного радиоуправления грузоподъемными механизмами. Exclusive distributor of the Spanish manufacturer of systems of remote radio control of IKUSI. Sale and installation of the systems of remote radio control by load-lifting mechanisms, cranes. Россия, 141008, Московская обл., Мытищи, Волковское шоссе, владение 5 строение 1 офис 213 Volcovskoe shosse, v ...

43.75% install

... comfortable, uncomplicated and beautiful. For this purpose, we keep in stock for you a widest assortment of stone working tools. We also supply various stone processing machines from small to huge, install these machines using our own resources, keep in stock spare parts, carry out warranty and post-warranty servicing. We deal with recovering diamond tools to the full extent as well. ...

43.75% install

... tone and marble composite slabs including a full range of services related to the use of marble, granite, travertine, onyx, lightweight marble in the construction of buildings and interior fit-out. Installation of facade systems, full-cycle services. Stone products. ...

43.75% install

... для строительных объектов. Надежны, просты, экономичны. CASTTEC hotmelt adhesives and TEC-tools for precast concrete industry applications and many other needs within a building industry: assembly, installation, converting. Exclusively from the UK! MBerg - reliable and maintenance free temporary LED-lighting for demanding conditions. Россия, 109129, Москва, Ул. Текстильщиков 8-я, д. 11 11, Tek ...

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